Guarantee Period warranty

The categorization shall be based on the wear categories Severe, Heavy and Moderate. Each category shall be extended the Guarantee Period shown below.

Severe – 3 Year Guarantee
Heavy – 5 Year Guarantee
Moderate – 15 Year Guarantee

The areas aligned to each category are as follows:

Severe – Entrance halls, bottom of staircases, lift entrances, main doorways, hospital streets (main) school corridors, public areas with wheeled traffic, school halls, retailing main entrances
Heavy – All other corridors, school classrooms, operating theatres, canteens / restaurants, outdoor sport changing areas, toilets, retailing general areas and back of house, hospital and school offices, consulting rooms, private rooms, storage area, staff rooms, indoor sport changing rooms.
Moderate – House use.

Any areas that are not classified here shall be referred to the Guarantor for clarification.