WISE brand is a part of the Fabulous group’s portfolio, having it’s origin back to 1959 in Athens. The Stamatopoulos family started their fabric journey back then and continues the legacy up today by fueling the group’s vision and ideas with their creativity sparkle. The idea of producing woven vinyl came up late 2005. The old machinery of the mill was sent to China and modified for this purpose.

Our first flooring product is reality. Since then the production is developing daily and WISE is under the daily control of skilled Greek engineers. WISE is designed in Greece and produced in China under strict quality specifications and CE norms.

WISE brand is born. Red design consultants, same team which created the emblem of Olympic 2004 Games, a leading Greek branding agency, gives birth to our new member.

WISE is updating it’s branding to meet the needs of the global market and the new multi national / cultural reality. Stage design office and the chief creative director, Stavros Papagiannis, take all the credit for the great result.

Our goal is to set always new frontiers.