Can I buy directly from the head office of Wise company?
Wise is represented globally through exclusive partners. Find your local partner here. For countries without an exclusive partner, please contact us at wiseservice@wisefloor.com.

Where are Wise products made and how long does it take to deliver?
The Wise design studio is located in Athens, Greece. All products are designed and finished in Greece, assembled in China, where we have full quality control at every stage of the process, using machines developed and customized for our own production. If the material is in stock, delivery time is one to two weeks. If the material has to be manufactured, delivery time may be up to six weeks. Wise has a central warehouse in Aspropyrgos (Athens/Greece) and in Shanghai.

Where can I get Wise samples?
You can order free samples by sending a mail at wiseservice@wisefloor.com


What is the composition of Wise products?
Wise products are made from woven extruded vinyl yarns. For w2w flooring and custom floor mats these woven textiles are adhered to a soft, resilient polyurethane cushion. For tile flooring, they are adhered to either a vinyl tile backing system.

Is Wise suitable for heavy use?
Yes. Wise flooring is tested to EN 15114 standard for textile floor coverings and its stress classifications, as defined in EN685. Floors are graded into different classes according to their resistance to wear: class 31 for light traffic, class 32 for moderate traffic and class 33 for heavy traffic. All Wise collections have class 33 which means they are suitable for hotels, shops and offices. Class 33 is recommended for high traffic areas, such as shops, open plan offices and public halls.
Wise flooring is not an entryway flooring system and does not keep moisture or dirt form being tracked indoors. On the contrary, Wise flooring should be completed with an effective entryway system that stops dirt and moisture at the door.

Is Wise ecofriendly?
Wise has a commitment to improving our carbon footprint. To us, being green is not a marketing tool, but a pledge to change, that recognizes the complex interrelationships that allow our society to move forward, together.

Can I use Wise in a kitchen or bathroom?
Woven floormats can be used in a kitchen or bathroom, but they are best suited to dry surfaces and should be air-dried if the backing gets wet. Do not leave on a moist surface for an extended period of time without air-drying.

Is Wise suitable for hospitals, playgrounds?
Yes, in treatment rooms, corridors, guest rooms, cafeterias and other public areas. Wise is not recommended in surgery rooms.
Yes, Wise can also be used in playgrounds, kindergartens, playrooms. The structure is soft and smooth.


What is the width and length of the rolls and tiles?
The width of the roll is 200 cm.
The standard tile is 50 X 50 cm.

What is the weight of the rolls and tiles?
The weight for the w2w is 2,5 kg / m²
The weight for the tile is 3,5 kg / m²

Is Wise suitable for chair castors?
Yes, use chairs with hard castors (polyamide). If not, you need to use PU sealer or a transparent mat.

Does the color fade with the light over time?
All products fade in direct sunlight. However, our products are fade resistant and will provide years of use before fading.

What is the impact noise reduction?
22 db is our major advantage.


Can I install Wise by myself?
Wise must be installed by a professional installer. Otherwise the manufacturer’s guarantee will not apply.

Can Wise flooring be installed on materials such as plywood, concrete or any other type of flooring?
It is important with a leveled subfloor for a good result. Make sure that the adhesive used is compatible with vinyl and the subfloor.

What kind of glue should I use and where can I find it?

Floor w2w in rolls

Ultrabond Eco 375
Ultrabond Eco V4SP
Mapecryl Eco
Werner Muller Cold Welding Type A (for the seams / joints)

Permanent for Tiles

Ultrabond Eco 375
Ultrabond Eco V4SP
Mapecryl Eco

Removable for Tiles

Ultrabond Eco Tack LVT
Ultrabond Eco Fix

Wall covering

Ball Styccobond F 44
Mapei Adesilex MT 32

Are the seams visible after installation?
Wise patterns are designed in such a way that, with the correct (professional) installation, no seams are visible. Cold welding is a must for w2w.

What are the ways for cleaning and maintenance of the flooring?
Wise flooring is simple to take care of : with a vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brush and stain remover, 99% of cleaning needs can be accomplished.