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Adhesive Generally Tekfix Plus, though depends on substrate.

Hanging Exact pattern matching is vital, and the product is marked with guide lines for this purpose. The product should not be reverse hung.

Apply adhesive to wall surface. Carefully smooth wallcovering onto wall surface using a spatula. Note that allowance will have been made for trimming top and bottom to compensate for uneven walls. Overlap lengths using the crop marks at top/bottom as a guide, and visually match image. Adjust position if necessary to achieve optimum pattern match. Double cut through using a sharp blade, cutting perpendicularly to wall surface to ensure a clean join. Use a seam roller to ensure product is well bonded at the join. Remove any adhesive seepage immediately with warm water.

Maintenance Wise Vinyl Wall-covering with non woven fabric backing are wipeable and washable, and offer some resistance to knocks. With regular cleaning they will retain their original appearance for many years depending on area of use.
Always carry out a trial in an inconspicuous area first, to ensure cleaning agent suitable. Avoid polishes, abrasive cleaners, solvent or bleach-based cleaners as these will damage the print and vinyl. Slight or moderate soiling can be removed using a combination of mild non-soapy detergent and a soft damp cloth/sponge. Dabbing – certainly not rubbing – is recommended to lift the soil. It is important to rinse off with clean water and (absorbent) cloth, always cleaning from the skirting level upwards. Individual stains should be removed as quickly as possible. This wall-covering contains antimicrobials which guard against mildew and bacterial growth

Health & Safety This product is classified as non-hazardous and therefore does not require any special handling. This product does not require special labelling.

Handling/Storage Store at ambient temperatures away from heat source. Suitable lifting equipment may be required.

Fire Fighting Any extinguishing media are suitable. Wear self contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing and full face mask. Fumes should be ventilated immediately due to possible liberation of noxious gases.

Ecological This product is not bio-degradable. Dispose of in accordance with Local Authority regulations or via an authorised contractor.

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– Ball Styccobond F 44
– Mapei Adesilex MT 32